Trip to St Ives

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to get to St Ives. This method is quick and easy with a scenic route that overlooks the Hayle estuary and a few beaches. Park at the ‘Park and ride’ in  Lelant Saltings (£2.80 for the parking whole day; train tickets, adults cost £3 and children £1.50). The train ride is only thirteen minutes; during which you will pass the beautiful Hayle estuary, the stunning Carbis bay and the astonishing Porthminister beach. In fact, a good place to stop by and eat is the renowned Porthminister café. The ride on the train is beautiful and almost an event itself, for the route which overlooks the coast gives you a view that cannot be found anywhere else. Looking down on the sandy dunes that give away to crashing waves which serenely repeat the motions with practiced ease, you can’t help but feel an inner calm.Once you arrive at the station, you just walk out and up the steps then make your way into the bustling town of St Ives. As you make your way down to the seafront, you may notice the cheerful and quirky shops that populate St Ives, all of the shopkeepers are friendly and willing to let you browse through the produce. Other things you can do is stop in one of the numerous cafés, see a classic pub or visit a gallery (such as the Tate Gallery).

Or you can choose from one of the boat trips that departe from the harbour.. with lots of wildlife spotting from when you board.
On the way back to the train station, there is a shortcut that avoids the hill entirely and cuts through to the station. If you stick to the seafront and follow the path that is closest to the sea, you will find it leads you onwards. Though be careful because at high tide there is a chance of being caught by the spurts of sea water that come up!
So, we hope your trip to St Ives is enjoyable!