Local Folklore

A collection of stories from the olden days in Cornwall

The Giants of Treryn Castle

The Giant in his dozing afternoons would rock Men Amber for a bit, this he could easily do with the tip of his finger, when standing on the grass below it as the Treen Giant stood stoutly at 40 feet high, without his boots. Sometimes, with his staff, he kept the sacred stone in motion […]

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Rock basins at Treryn Dinas

“Castle Treen”, the rocky part of the Logan Rock headland, hosts numerous rock basins. Their formation due to the decomposition of granite along the mechanical action of rainwater and weathering on weak feltspar crystals. In the past there has been a lot of discussions whether they were natural or made by the Druids who dwelled […]

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The Key of the Castle

The Giant’s Castles at Treryn, remarkable as a grand example of truly British Cyclopean architecture, was built by the power of enchantment (from Hunt, Popular romances of West of England)

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The good giant Dan Dynas

Assisted by his wife An’ (aunt) Venna, who broke up the ditch, filled her large apron with the soil, and put it for filling behind the rocks, as her husband rolled them into their places. When they had thus constructed a stronghold, in which people with their tin and cattle were safe from marauding pirates, the giantess […]

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Midsummer Festivals

Midsummer:  the longest day, that special time of the year, when we are most inclined towards the Sun and to celebrate life.   Golowan Festival – Penzance June 16th-25th Golowan, the Penzance most colourful Midsummer Festival, blend Cornish tradition with contemporary imagery and rituals.  Full agenda, most of the community events will be: Mazey Day- Saturday […]

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