Local beaches

West Cornwall, spoiled for choice of stunning and diverse beaches

Pedn Vounder:

A truly magnificent south facing stretch of golden sand, backed by towering granite cliffs with the headland of Logan Rock on the east side.  Access to it is not easy as the path is narrow and the cliffs drop and climb can be challenging. The position, the protection of the tall cliffs gives Pednvounder beach a favourable micro-climate. It is an optional naturist beach, but many choose to wear clothes. Pednvounder is a tidal beach, so at high water there is often a small area of beach.. View more pictures of Pednvounder beach



A lovely sandy beach, facing South-East,  with good facilities and popular with families: there is a car park about 300 meters away and a cafe nearby. The triangular shaped  beach is made up of coarse shell and white sand that reflects wonderful colours in all seasons. In the summer the sea is turquoise and deep blue, in the winter the waves display can be breathtaking. On the western side as set of steps lead to the Minack Theatre, the open air Theatre with probably one of the best view around. From July 01st to September 01st  a dog ban is in place.



One mile of sandy beach and beautiful open view of the Ocean. Sennen is popular with families: there is a car park nearby and  a good cafe and restaurant overlooking the beach, perfect for gazing at the sunset in the summer evening. If you would like to learn to surf there are two schools to choose from. From May 15th to September 30th a dog ban is in place. Nearby is the less accessible therefore more “secret”, but equally breathtaking beach “Gwenver“, that is dog friendly.


There are many other stunning beaches in West Cornwall providing different experiences and facilities. When thinking about which beach to choose do consider tide times and which direction the wind is blowing. On a windy day if you look to be a bit sheltered and the wind is blowing from the North, beaches facing south like Pednevounder, Porthchapel and Porthcurno are a better choice.

The ever changing coastline  creates a real tidal experience at Pednvounder: At low water fabulous deep soft sand is exposed which stretches from the base of the Logan Rock headland all the way to Carn Kizzie, a distance of over 650m. At spring high tides the access to Pednvounder is limided and there is a very small beach; so it is reccommended to check the tide times before accessing the beach.